Sawipac Air Separator



Kernel Losses / Sample

Kernel Loss at Fibre and Nut Separator

≤ 1.5%



1st Stage Separator

  • Dry Shell

≤ 2%


2nd Stage Separator


Advantages & Benefits :

- Compact Design & Simpler Construction

- Easy Installation

- Improved Separation

- Saving of Building Space

- Lower Capital Cost

- 30% Power Saving

- Low Maintenance Cost

- Automation

Modules :

- Fibre / Nut Separation

- Nut / Stone Separation

- Cracked Mixture Separation


















PTT biogas system based on USR fermentation technology with our exclusive improvements and modifications, in order to cater to the Palm oil mill waste water to achieve the best unique fermentation process. At the same time, the matching process is tailored to achieve a complete biogas engineering system. The system using reinforced concrete-steel structure, enameled assembly material with service life time more than 30 years.

General Information :

Capacity                                            : 15 - 30 tons per hour

BOD & COD                                      : 60% - 70% Removal

Suspended Solid Recovery           : 60% - 80%

Sludge Moisture                              : 70% - 80%




















CB Vertical Digester is bestmatch to work togetherwith CB Screw Press. Built-in slow speed stirrer with cast steel arm will digest the fruit and hence break the oil cell mesocarp from the fruit before feed into the screw press.



To Suite

Digester 3000 L

3000 Litre

CB 10 T/C

Digester 3500 L

3500 Litre

CB 15 T/C

Digester 4000 L

4000 Litre

CB 15-20 T/C

Digester 5000 L

5000 Litre

CB 15-20T/C

Digester 6000 L

6000 Litre

CB 20 T/C

















Screw Press

CB Screw Press is designed and developed to extract palm oil from palm oil fruits. It minimizes the broken nut level to enhance kernel recovery. The Screw Press has been widely and sucessfully used in Malaysia and Indonesia.






CB 10T/C

10-12 Tons FFB /hr

22 kW

- Oil Loss Dry Basis of Fiber (%) : 6 to 8 %


- Nut Breakage :   8% - 11%


CB 15T/C

15-17 Tons FFB /hr

30 kW

CB 20T/C

20-22 Tons FFB /hr

37 kW

- Oil Loss Dry Basis of Fiber (%) : 7 to 9%

- Nut breakage (On nut) : 10%

- Nut breakage (On sample) : 15%

CB 20T/C


20-22 Tons FFB /hr

37 kW







Empty Fruit Bunch Press

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is the bio-mass of palm oil milling process. The management of this waste is a major concern for palm oil millers due to the volume and cost involved. To overcome this problem, MBL has developed an efficient EFB processing technology which can be easily integrated into existing palm oil mill facilities.

General Information :

- Squeezes out the remaining oil

- Further reduces the moisture content of EFB

- 6 metric tons per hours

- Breaks & shreds EFB into discrete pieces of short fibre

- Triple reduction helical gear

- 100 hp (75Kw) or 125hp (90 Kw)



Empty Fruit Bunch Shredder

Empty Fruit Bunch Shredder (as known as Break Cutter cum Oil Extractor or Size Reduction Break Cutter) is a compact and heavy duty processing machine specially designed to handle Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB).

The EFB Shredder combines the three step in processing Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) namely breaking, squeezing, and cutting into one machine. Empty Fruit Bunch is fiberised and shredded into short fibre in discrete pieces.

General Information :

- Squeezes out the remaining oil

- Further reduces the moisture content of EFB

- 6 metric tons per hours

- Breaks & shreds EFB into discrete pieces of short fibre

- Triple reduction helical gear

- 100 hp (75Kw) or 125hp (90 Kw)    






Kernel Press

The palm kernel oil expellers are designed with the main shaft directly driven by a coupling affixed to the gearbox. Thus, it has a simple structure by eliminating the need of an extra gear set. This EK series design of palm kernel oil expeller has improved maintainability and reduces maintenance costs and time.


Performance :


After 1st pressing            : 12% to 14% oil content remain in cake

After 2nd pressing           : Less than 7% oil content remain in cake


Model :

- EK-100-K                          Capacity : 10 tons per 24 hours

- EK-150-K                          Capacity : 15 tons per 24 hours

- EK-200-K                          Capacity : 20 tons per 24 hours

- EK-300-K                          Capacity : 30 tons per 24 hours





FOSS Nir DA 1650

Laboratorium Analyser PKS dan KCP Hasil Analisa < 1 menit


- Screw Press Fibre          (oil loss, moisture)

- EFB Press Fibre              (oil loss, moisture)

- Sludge                             (oil content, moisture)

- Condensate                    (oil content, moisture)

- CPO                                  (FFA, Moisture, DOBI, IV)

- Palm Kernel                    (oil content, moisture)

- Palm Kernel Cake          (oil content, moisture)

- Mesokarp                        (oil content, moisture)




Foss NIRS DS 2500

Foss NIRS DS 2500 is a 2 in 1 instrument for Oil Loss Monitoring and also capable for analysis of soil /  fertilizer / leaf samples on below parameter:



Hydro cyclone

Hydro cyclone in Palm Oil Mill are use to recover kernel from the cracked mixture, it further separated the remaining fine kernels from the shell. The working principle of the cyclone is by utilizes fluid pressure energy to create rotational fluid motion. A rotational motion is  created by which the heavy shell particles are thrown outwards the walss by the centrifugal force, the shell particles which have reached the walls, discharges through the apex of the bottom cone discharge outlet. Simultaneously the light kernel particles are concentrating in the center axis of the cyclone; it will flow out from the top of the cyclone disharge outlet.




Ripple Mill

CB Ripple Mill / CB King Cracker is used to crack the nut in kernel recovery station. The revolutionary design of CB 6T King Cracker increases the cracking efficiency adn the result achieve consistently. The Simplicity and efficiency of the design reduce the maintenance cost and easier to maintain.




Rotary Brush Strainer

CB Rotary Brush Strainer is specially for continuous removal of coarse particles from process liquids in order to protect downstream equipment such as sludge centrifuges pumps etc. The strainer has a    stainless steel casing surrounding and vertical perforated cylinder through which the liquid passes.








Empty Fruit Bunch Press (2in1)

Model                                 :SE/SSCP 50

Moisture content             : 40% to 45%
Capasitas                           : 8-10 Ton /Hour (fresh EFB)
Motor                                 : 100 Hp + 3Hp (75kW + 2,2kW)
Fiber Size                           : 70% below 4” | 30% between 1” - 6”

Costomer benefit             : save power /  save space /  investement cost


Sludge Centrifuge

CB Sludge Centrifuge is used to retrieve the oil palm from the sludge water after it clarified from the clarifying plant.




Steam Turbine

Shinko Steam Turbine RB Model Shinko Steam turbines are  specially designed, manufactured and tested in Japan since 1956.

The turbines are widely used in Palm Oil Mill, power plants, paper mills, sugar factories, fertilizer factories, petrochemical  industries, and marine industries. Assembly and testing facility expanded to Malaysia.


Feature and Benefits :

- Vertical Throttle and Trip Valve

- Labyrinth Packing and Steam Ejector

- Over hung Design and Axial Movement Sensor

- Maintenance Free Flexi Disc Coupling

- Speed Regulating Governor

- Steam Strainer

- Over speed trip



Sterilizer Door

Quality of Sterilizing FFB determined the quality of well cook fruit.

Average 1 cycle of Sterilizer take about 90-110 minutes.


1 sterilizer cycle starts from :

               - Door opening

               - Cages entrance/fruit entrance

               - Sterilizing process

               - Fruit discharges after sterilizer / cages out.


- Design Pressure                             : 50psig

- Shell(Neck)                                     : 700 mm( L ) up to 900 mm(L)

                                                            15 mm thk. Boiler Plate

- Dish Head                                       : 15up to 18 mm thk.

                                                            Boiler PlateASTM SA 516 Grade 70

- Approval                                         : From DOSH Malaysia

                                                             (Dept of Safety and Health ) Malaysia





Hoist Crane

Electric Wire Rope Hoist NOVA

- Minimum headroom

- Nearly true vertical lifting

- Robust industrial version

- Powerfull hoisting and travelling motors

- Frequency inverter MicroMove for step less trolley and crane

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